4 sports headphones recommended

Life is movement. But our movements are getting less and less, and we are also plagued by various diseases due to lack of exercise.

Why hate sports? For example, winter is very cold, summer is very hot, and there is a person running very lonely, this time you need to buy a sports headset to accompany you to run.

So today, we recommend several sports headphones that are most favorite, most evaluated, and scored very high!

Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless

Everyone knows that the outdoor environment is the best place to exercise, and everyone can think of the feeling of sweating while exercising. Therefore, the PowerBeats2 earplugs are designed with IPX4 waterproof and sweat-proof, so don’t worry about the headphones getting wet.

In addition, its hanging ear design is a boon for friends who often lose headphones, Bluetooth 4.0 connection, battery life can reach 6 hours, the sound quality is also good in sports headphones.

Philips SHB5800

This Bluetooth headset is designed to give you a decompression during exercise. For example, the in-ear wearing method is adopted, and the wearing method improves the overall soundproofing effect of the earphone and does not have a feeling of indenting during exercise, and the soundproofing effect is stronger than that of the headphone.

In addition, the NFC connection that it joins is also a function that many sports Bluetooth headsets do not have. The rear-mounted listening function also better solves the convenience of listening, and this design does not have the trouble of the headphones slipping when running.

Jabra Pulse

Pulse is a Bluetooth earphone that integrates motion monitoring. It can be used to test the heart rate to create a sports plan to help users better perform fitness and weight loss programs.

The shape of the earphone itself is very simple, and it is worn around the neck. This design allows the user to take off the earphone when not in use and hang it around the neck to avoid damage to the ear caused by wearing the earphone for a long time.

There is also a voice button on the headset, and you can hear the voice broadcast of the monitoring data by pressing it, but currently, only three voices are available in English, German and French.

Bose SoundSport

In appearance, the biggest feature of this earphone is the white shark fin earplug. This earplug feels very soft, and the silicone material is very good in terms of durability and comfort.

In addition, the waterproofness of this earplug is also very good. It should be known that during the exercise, a lot of sweat will be left from the head. This silicone earplug can block the sweat well, and it can be washed with water. In addition, the air guiding hole on the earphone cavity has a layer of fabric to block dust and moisture to protect.

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