Several high-end headphones

AKG K701

The overall weight of the AKG K701 is not heavy, the wearing comfort is better, the pressure of the earmuffs is relatively small. When the headphones are worn, the pressure on the face around the ears is not too large. It is obviously smaller than the HD650, and the K701 will be very popular. People like it, although it still maintains K501’s emphasis on high frequency, paying attention to high-frequency analytical style, but K701 is softer than K501 sound, high-frequency resolution is greatly improved, representing the current high level of dynamic headphones, soft and soft details The sound field is broad and balanced, the overall resolution is excellent, and the low frequency is less.

Goethe SR325E

The SR325e can’t conceal its passionate style even on the gentler Pha3. The material of the cavity is a good interpretation of its own taste. The high frequency is bright, there is an obvious high pull, the fire throat is a little big, not very good to serve, but the tooth sound control is OK. Listening to metal rock will be very exciting but not tolerant.

Sennheiser HD600

The advanced diaphragm design removes standing waves from the material. This headset is also ideal for professional recording engineers to record classical music. Professional enthusiast headphones provide you with superior sound quality. The open structure provides excellent listening experience; the outer side of the earmuff is a rain-drop metal mesh cover, which can clearly see the earphone unit through the outside; the ultra-light aluminum coil ensures excellent transient response; beyond the human low-frequency hearing limit.

Beyerdynamic DT880

As a 600-ohm impedance earphone, its amp requirements are obviously very high, it needs enough output voltage to ensure sufficient driving force. When the driving force is insufficient, the high-impedance earphones tend to be not full enough and the dynamics are insufficient. The high frequency of the newly opened DT880 appears to be blunt, and it can basically reach a good level after 300 hours. There was no significant difference between the subsequent 1000 hours of downtime and 300 hours.

Fidelio X1

Philips Fidelio X1 uses an open acoustic back cover structure, which can be said to be a model of recent open-type headphones. This structure can eliminate the air pressure of the area behind the earphone unit, allowing the sound film to move completely freely, greatly improving the sound quality. Permeability and smoothing of the extended high frequencies. The X1’s earmuffs feature a two-layer design designed to reduce resonance and sway, which is great for improving the sound detail and true accuracy of flawless sound quality. In addition, its sound film has a special shape to maintain precise and consistent motion, reduce sound distortion and reproduce superb detail.

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